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About The Marks Group

There’s a lot of customer relationship and sales and marketing technology out there and we’re all learning that as neat as some of it can be, it’s virtually worthless without an expert to help you use it the best way possible.

Well, we’re the experts.

At the Marks Group, we’ve chosen a few select applications for growing revenues and continuously invest our resources to know these tools inside and out. We’ve developed unique business processes around these applications to maximize their use. That way our clients can benefit from the expertise of our professionals and take comfort that we know the best way to get return on investment from the applications we offer to our clients.

We specialize in five leading cloud and on-premise based customer relationship management applications: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GoldMine, ZohoCRM, Nimble and ACT! We are also certified in providing HEAT and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for help and service desks. We are also certified QuickBooks partners and are expert in all related industry applications that integrate with it. Rounding out our expertise are a great set of proven tools for e-mail marketing, mobile and web access, alerting, business intelligence, quoting and synchronization. Our services range from planning and implementation, to customization, design, support, integration and application development. And our strongest skill set is in training. We are not just technicians. We are evangelists. We believe that everyone should be growing their companies using the tools we provide, as long as they’re using these tools the right way!

We’re often asked to help clients search for, select and implement other technology too. And once the technology is in place, our Consulting Services ensures a single source for getting answers and keeping things in check.

Our ten person company serves more than 500 active clients across the United States and Canada. Our clients range from 2 to 250 users and everywhere in between. We build processes, procedures and systems around the technologies we recommend. We consult. We train. We reinforce the best practice methods for using these systems effectively.

Our company is a small, yet focused group of vendor and industry professionals that concentrate on being the best at the tools we prescribe for our clients. Our interest is not volume, but service. Our goals are to take responsibility for the processes surrounding our clients’ software systems, from lead to cash receipt and to ensure that our clients are working quicker and better because of the software and procedures we’ve implemented.

Our company was founded in 1994 by Gene Marks CPA. Gene, formerly a Senior Manager KPMG has grown The Marks Group to ten people and more than 500 active clients. Gene is also a nationally recognized expert in customer relationship and business management topics, writing weekly for The Washington Post, Forbes, The Huffington Post and INC. Gene, the author of five best selling books and a frequent speaker to industry groups and conferences, brings his knowledge of business management to every project. The goal of the Marks Group is to pick and choose the best people to work with and grow along with them. We are looking for long term relationships.

So if you like the products and tools we sell, you’ll soon learn that the experts at the Marks Group will make it their goal to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of the system you deploy.

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